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Why a Partscaster? – Part II

So we stablished we’ll build a Strat based parts caster… but I don’t think I explained clearly why, so here are my reasons:

  • It’s a Fun project. My intention is to build an instrument I’ll enjoy playing, nothing more. I don’t intend to save money on it, nor as an investment… it will always be a partscaster and valued as such. A partscaster is not worth the sum of its components… But at this stage, I think it will play and sound great, and I’ll enjoy that… so that is priceless… for me.
  • The guitar will be mine, I made it, to my taste and to my specs. it’s like making bread… anyone should learn how to do it… it tastes great!
  • There’s no remorse or fear when modding the guitar. I remeber when I replaced the bride on my 1988 Stratocaster Plus…. with the same part number… some background: this was my first real guitar. It was a present from my father. The guitar possibly don’t have much street value, but the emotional value for me is huge… anyway.. I remember replacing the bridge… I was so scared… would it sound the same? it did… will it look the same? it did… will it lose value? it was going to anyway…. and so on and forth… there’s no attachment to a partscaster… you’ll get attached to it if the result is good and you put the hours playing it…. as I always say, love comes through caring….
  • I love putting things together and learning new stuff. I’ve made my own bicycles, sandals… bread… pasta… furniture… a silent speaker (from 90db down to 30db)… etc.
  • Fender doesn’t offer me what I want… well maybe it does, but at Fender Custom Shop prices… seriously, the Gilmour black strat is not worth that much…. don’t get me wrong, if I had the money i’d buy it in a second… for the record, my intention is not to build a Gilmour Black Strat… not yet anyway. And how is this for irony… Gilmour’s Back Strat is essentially the world’s most famous partscaster.
  • Mongrels and adopted dogs make amazing pets…
  • Because I can.
  • and finally… why not?