The Lessons

So here are the lessons I’ve learn through this process si\o far:

  • Be patient.
  • Don’t understimate how much people really don’t care about your guitar modding.
  • Do your homework, find out how things work, how things are supposed to fit.
  • Save money. so you can spend more on the guitar. See next lesson.
  • Don’t be cheap, buy the parts you want, not the ones you can afford. The guitar is for you… unless you are going for the budget option… then is ok to be cheap.
  • Get the right tools. 40W soldering iron goes a long way in protecting your components and getting the job done. Good solder wire is also just as important.
  • Get the right parts for the instrument. The Gotoh SG381 are great, but were not the right ones for the guitar. Same with the bridge.
  • Some online sellers will try to sell you shonky gear… if looks too good to be true…
  • Save your bits and pieces, but don’t hesitate to get rid of what you won’t need.
  • Most manufacturer are very helpful when it come to answering questions around how to achieve something or interaction between components.

That’s all for now. I hope these help you a little.