So work on the red strat has commenced. There’s really nothing much different to the black strat build, after all, both guitars are stratocasters with aftermarket components, and they have much similarities in terms of components, in fact, aside from the pickups and the circuit, they are exacly the same guitar.

Today I commenced the prep work

  • Stripped all electronics
  • Deep clean body and neck
  • Fingerboard cleanup
  • Shielded main cavity
  • Added quick connect/disconnect connectors, including ground connections

Something I noticed while polishing the fingerboard, is that the frets are not in as good condition as the black strat, and might be time of doing a fret redress. I’ll finish this project and then I’ll send the guitar to have the frets done. If the work is good I’ll then send my MIA Stratocaster plus, as that certainly is in need of some fret love.

The next step would be to do the wiring, but I’m still waiting on the potentiometers, the capacitor and of course the pickups. Again there are no plans of adding a treble bleed, and whether to add a blower switch.

Its all about the sounds, and your comments :-)