Mod #1 – Quick Electronics connect/disconnect

I got a couple of JST Male to Female connectors to replace the ground and hot connection between the electronics and the guitar output jack. The idea behind this is to have a quick connect/disconnect of the whole electronics. I will also do the same for all the ground connections to the guitar once all the hardware has been replaced.


Getting the JST through the jack routing hole. This is very small, and the connector would not go through it, hence why I had to do this before soldering the jack.


Here you can see the soldered jack. (red to tip, black to ring/ground). Note that for the new electronics I would require an additional connector for the hot signal coming from the blower switch.


Back on the pickguard and main electronics, connections are black to ground and red to volume potentiometer


And this is the complete job.


but wait!… we still need to do the same for the ground connections. For this I used some eye terminals and JST connectors


These will be the ground connections to the body and bridge


As you can see this is a more neat and clean arrangement fir the internals. This will help a lot when the new electronics are installed.





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