The Hardware (AKA The Shopping List)

So here’s my shopping list. This will probably change over time, but this where I’m at. I might write a post or two about some of the choices I made, but I’m happy with them so far, and only time will tell whether I’m truly happy with them.

  • Fender/Schaller Staggered Locking tuners  – Received & useless (read this)
  • Gotoh NS510TS Bridge
  • New HH Pickguard – Shipped
  • Fender 4P5T Superswitch  – Received
  • Linear 500K Taper for Volumen  – Received
  • DPDT on/on mini toggle switch for Blower switch – Shipped
  • Suhr Thornbucker Neck on Raw nickel – Shipped
  • Suhr Thornbucker 53mm Bridge on Raw nickel – Purchased
  • Wiring, and 2 Pin MULTI Pin Plug /  9V battery clips, for a quick connect/disconnect of the loaded board  – Done (read this)
  • Copper tape for cavity shielding – Shipped

Its all about the sounds, and your comments :-)