Why a Partscaster? – Part I

I’ve always loved Fender Stratocasters. Ever since I can recall I’ve found it be the most beautiful guitar ever. Besides David Gilmour (praise him!) uses them.

On the same token, your Standard Fender Stratocaster, is not cheap and might or might not have the features you are looking for, and when you have paid good dollars for a Made in USA Stratocaster, it’s kind of painful to made modifications to it (at least for me).

I currently have several guitars, and have had some more over the years. Some of the other guitars have features that I certainly liked, and other guitars are so out of my reach. As time passes, I always keep coming back to the familiarity of a Strat neck and balance. They are just so nice to play.

Stratocasters are very versatile and simple instruments, and they are easily modifiable, and that makes them the ideal canvas for my next guitar.

Its all about the sounds, and your comments :-)